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Sharing Our Wisdom to Enhance Yours

Knowledge is not the same as "wisdom"

We believe in a  lifetime learning culture. The Wisdom Builder Advocate Series is an opportunity to continuously expand your knowledge and receive advice on topics such as retirement income, social security, long term care benefits and much more. We host several Wisdom Builder events throughout the year that are designed to  offer guidance to enhance  your financial understanding and confidence. We encourage you to attend the Wisdom Builder Advocate events to experience our long term approach to creating a secure future benefiting not only you and your children, but generations to come. We welcome your family, friends and colleagues to also engage in our learning culture.  Contact us today to bring someone with you to an event.

We want to be “A Partner You Can Depend On” for generations to come.

Our Upcoming Wisdom Builder Advocate Events:

Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

Bravo! Cucina, 

Centerville OH 


Want to see what past events were like? Take a look here.