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Investment Advisor Fees

Your Assets Under Our Care

Overseeing the management of your investments is a time consuming and often strenuous process. The Optimized Portfolio System® (TOPS®) and our other solutions simplifies the preservation and growth of your portfolio by creating a service where you we can select, screen, report and rebalance your exchange-traded funds all in one centralized location.

The fee corresponding to your total assets under care is the fee assessed to each of your accounts under management. For example, three accounts valued at $700,000, $500,000, and $200,000 (for a total of $1.4MM) would be assessed the 0.85% fee for each of the accounts.

*SFA Investment Advisor fees are subject to change and may be discounted upon our discretion. Additional fees include TOPS program fees, which are between 0.20-0.45% per year. Total Advisory Fee is the sum of the SFA investment advisor fee and the TOPS program fee. Total annual fee will not exceed 1.95%. See ADV Part 2A-appendix 1 for additional information. 

Access Direct accounts are separate from TOPS accounts and they are charged a flat 1.00% yearly fee for management. See ADV Part 2A for additional information.

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