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A Kingdom Perspective

To Building A More Secure Future

At Secure Future Advisors, we are strong believers in lifelong education. We believe that it is impossible to properly guide our clients without being on the forefront of financial education. For this reason, we are proud to be associated with Kingdom Advisors®.

Kingdom Advisors® is a company whose primary goal is to create a community of competent biblical advisors so that Christians know who to go to for financial advice. They promote financial education from a Christian perspective, promoting the biblical principles of stewardship and wisdom. 

Jeff Garnica has achieved his CKA® designation, and Mark Morris is a CKA® member. Both Jeff and Mark are active members who stay up to date on CKA® news and attend CKA® conferences.

To learn more about Kingdom Advisors, please visit their website at kingdomadvisors.com.

Kingdom Advisors® is a separate entity from and not affiliated with Valmark Securities or Valmark Advisors. 

Build Your Own Secure Future

Jeff Garnica is also proud to be apart of the Christian Blue Pages directory, an online review resource similar to YELP or Angie's List that you can take advantage of for free to find trusted local Christian businesses.

 Christian Blue Pages is a Directory of Professionals and Small Business Owners. Christian Blue Pages is not affiliated with Valmark Securities, Inc.  and Valmark Advisers, Inc.